Ayn Rand Institute (ARI) reserves the right to make changes to the conference schedule as needed.

Only ARI staff may record conference events. No private video or audio recording of any talks or events is allowed by anyone other than ARI staff.

ARI intends for the conference to be informative, safe and comfortable for all attendees, including lecturers and staff. ARI has a zero-tolerance policy for disruptive or harassing behavior. Conference attendees displaying such behavior may be asked to leave. ARI also reserves the right to refuse registration to anyone. Furthermore, the conference is a “no solicitation zone.” Unless specifically invited to do so, attendees may not approach other guests for funding, employment or any other type of solicitation.

Conference attendees should exercise care and act responsibly with respect to themselves and their personal property. ARI and their employees, representatives, insurers and agents are not responsible for the safety or security of attendees or their personal property, and are not liable for any claims, liabilities, costs or charges (including attorneys’ fees and costs) arising out of any injury, loss or damage to any person or property.

ARI reserves the right to refuse registration and/or admittance to anyone and may cancel a registration unilaterally, if in its sole discretion, it deems doing so is necessary and/or appropriate including, but not limited to, for the safety and comfort of staff and other attendees. In any such situation, any registration fees paid would be refunded in full.