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Getting the most out of OCON

Absolutely! Some of the content is designed for those new to Ayn Rand’s ideas.

Not at all. Every year there are dozens of first-time attendees. There are receptions and other social events where you can mingle with others. We have people from all walks of life, from students to retirees, from first-timers to people who have been to every conference for the past thirty-five years.

OCON speakers are happy to make themselves available for discussion outside their classes. But please remember that they also need time to relax! Feel free to approach speakers with questions, but please be polite and nonintrusive.

One of the best ways to interact with other attendees before the conference is to join the OCON Facebook group. Here you can chat with other attendees about their plans for the conference. You can also follow ARI on Twitter @aynrandinst for general conference updates.

We have a YouTube playlist of videos recorded at OCON 2022 here. Also, many of our past conference talks and courses are available in MP3 format at the Ayn Rand Institute eStore.

Attendance Options

The conference days have a mix of talks and panels. We may have special programming designed for students, but most programming is for all attendees. The day and week passes allow you to choose which days you want to attend and give you access to all the programming offered on those days. If you plan to leave early or arrive late to the conference, purchase a day pass for the day(s) you’ll be attending. If you plan to stay for the entire conference, purchase a week pass. With both passes, you don’t have to decide ahead of time which events to attend—simply show up and take advantage of everything offered.

We will also offer virtual week passes.

Student pricing is available for full-time students of any age with a valid student ID, including current and new students enrolled as graded students in ARI’s Ayn Rand University. Attendance at student events may be required to receive the discounted student pricing. Exceptions may be granted for unique circumstances (e.g., one is returning to school after an absence but not yet a current student). Contact us if you have a question about your eligibility. Those up to the age of 12 attend free with their parents.

Scholarships for OCON 2023 are sponsored by Ayn Rand University. If you are a current ARU-graded student or an ARU graduate who is still in university, or if you are a serious student of Ayn Rand’s ideas and are hoping to learn more, you are invited to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarships are only available for students attending the full conference.

The week pass gives you the best price if you plan to attend the entire conference. You gain access to all the programming offered throughout the conference and can take advantage of any of the talks, panels, and other events offered each day. You don’t have to pay for individual talks nor do you have to decide ahead of time what you will attend. Simply show up and see what strikes your interest! The day pass allows you to attend events on any single day. If you cannot attend the entire conference, this is the best option for you. The week pass includes opening and closing receptions. Meals are not included in the day pass but can be bought separately, as can any meals not included in your week pass. We will also offer virtual week passes.

The week pass includes opening and closing receptions. No meals are included in a day pass, but you can register separately for any meals you’d like to attend. The Opening Reception will be on June 30, and the Closing Reception on July 5.

Absolutely! You can leave a few days early, arrive a few days late or come only for a few days in the middle. Every year, we have many attendees who can only stay for part of the conference. The day pass makes it easy to attend only part of OCON.

We are not offering the option of attending single talks or events at this year’s OCON. We recommend that you buy a day pass and hope you can take the time to attend several talks or other events on that day.

We will be livestreaming most (not all) conference events. Register for a virtual week pass to access them. Videos can be watched as events take place or in playback until August 31, 2023.

Conference and Hotel Registration

There is a discount for young adults, age 25 and under, as of June 15, 2023, and for full-time students of any age with a valid student ID. Contact us if you have a question about your student eligibility.

Additional in-person passes can be purchased online at any time until June 17, 2023. After that, you can call ARI at 800.365.6552 or register onsite in Miami.

If you cannot attend, you should cancel your in-person passes as soon as possible to obtain the largest refund. Passes can be canceled at any time before or during the conference, but you will not receive a refund after May 31, 2023.

Our system currently accepts only one registration at a time for week and virtual passes. (You may choose as many day passes as you like.) Head to the registration section and choose your OCON pass type at the bottom of the page. You’ll then be given the opportunity to add lunches and other options. Proceed through your registration; once you finish registration for the first individual, you’ll have the opportunity to add another.

Our host hotel for OCON 2023 is the InterContinental Miami. Since all the conference events will be held there, it would be most convenient for you to stay there too, but there is no obligation to do so. Guest room reservations are available starting at $159 plus tax per night for June 28 to July 9. (To stay the entire conference, plan to check in on June 30 and check out on July 6.) Reservations can be made online or by phone at 1.800.327.3005. Mention OCON to receive the group rate if you call. Reservations can be canceled without a fee until 72 hours prior to the date of arrival. The room block closes on June 7, 2023.

Please be aware that the InterContinental Miami is currently refurbishing its guest rooms. Renovations should be near completion by the time the conference starts and the hotel anticipates no disruption to our event. You are, of course, welcome to stay at another hotel if you prefer.

The InterContinental Miami offers complimentary wi-fi in guest rooms.

Navigating the Conference

You can take a Ride Share service, taxi, or Airport Super Express Shuttle Service from the airport. The hotel is 15 minutes from Miami International Airport and 30 minutes from Fort Lauderdale International Airport. 

The hotel offers paid parking to visitors and overnight guests. Check the InterContinental Miami website for pricing information.

We will have signs directing you to conference events. Also, when you first check in at Attendee Services, you will receive a program that contains complete conference information, including a guide and map showing where the events are taking place.

Staff will have bright yellow ribbons attached to their nametags. Feel free to talk to any of us!

Miscellaneous Questions

Visit the Ayn Rand Institute’s main website, AynRand.org, and explore a wealth of resources related to Ayn Rand and her philosophy, Objectivism. A selection of past conference talks and courses is available at the Ayn Rand Institute eStore, and ARI Campus has a large selection of free online courses. These courses are also available on the Ayn Rand University app, available at Apple and Android stores.

The conference will be photographed and filmed and has a “smart” or “smart casual” dress code, which means casual but presentable and neat. The dress code for the Gala and Closing Reception is dressy. If you have questions, contact us at events@aynrand.org.

No private audio or video recording is allowed. ARI records OCON events and makes them available later through our different channels. However, you are encouraged to take photos and tweet! We simply ask that you respect our speakers’ wishes and refrain from using flash photography during talks.

OCON has a strict no-solicitation policy. All our attendees are there to learn and enjoy themselves and should not be approached for funding, employment, etc.

  • Cancellation requests postmarked, emailed or made online by May 31, 2023, will receive a full refund.
  • Starting June 1, there will be no refunds, except for students, who will receive a refund until June 19, 2023.
  • Virtual week passes can be canceled until June 19, 2023.

You can inquire about roommates on the OCON Facebook group. If you need assistance, please email events@aynrand.org

Everyone who registers for OCON 2022 is required to agree to these Terms and Conditions as part of the checkout process.

Please see the Terms and Conditions for ARI’s full Code of Conduct.